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Fabriculture Journal

Fabriculture Journal

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These beautiful Australian made A4 sized journals by Fabriculture feature threatened botanical species and wildlife and include bird favourites too…

The Mallee Journal features the threatened Mongarlowe Mallee on the cover and the critically endangered Stuart’s Heath from Tasmania is on the inside. This journal also contains sketches of the Zebra Finch, Giant petaltail, Imperial hairpin butterfly, velvet gecko and native bees; and some beautiful quotes to get you inspired!

The Gum Blossom Journal depicts our iconic eucalypts. This journal also showcases the Lord Howe Island Little Mountain Palm, native bees, our iconic koala and fairy wrens too.

A4 size featuring 96 heavy weight pages - 6 featuring beautiful pencil sketches and quotes around the edges.

These make a beautiful gift for teachers, students, paper lovers, poets, artists and anyone who loves to write or draw.

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