Collection: Toshi Beanies

Organic Kids Beanies At Go Pharm Giftware

We stock various Toshi kids beanies here at Go Pharm Giftware. Not only are they comfortable and extremely cute and fashionable, but they are also fantastic for the environment. Perfect for any gender, our beanies for kids come in multiple designs and colours and offer enhanced comfort and greater warmth in those cooler months. Scroll down and shop yours today!

Benefits Of Toshi’s Organic Cotton Beanies

We’ve all heard of fast fashion. While the process is quick and gets garments to the store in a short period, it is an unethical practice that uses unsustainable textiles and increases landfill. The majority of the Toshi beanies we stock at Go Pharm Giftware are made from organic cotton, meaning they will not only last a long time, but they’re also friends of the environment. Some benefits of organic cotton include:

  • A lower carbon footprint
  • Less energy use during production
  • Production is safe as there are no harsh chemicals
  • Protects water supply
  • Higher-quality products
  • Longer-lasting garments
  • Production supports farmers
  • Conserves local habitats

About Our Toshi Kids Beanies

Our kids beanies are available in various sizes, colours, and designs. We have everything from slinky beanies and earmuff beanies to beanies with a pom-pom or those without, ensuring you’ll be able to find a suitable beanie for your child. What’s fantastic about these beanies, though, is that they’re also fashionable. So, not only will your child be wearing something sustainable, they’ll look bloody good doing it!