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We offer a variety of services in store...

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You can book an appointment for a wide variety of vaccines including

All Covid-19 Vaccinations, Influenza, Diptheria Tetanus Pretusis (Whooping Cough),
Measie Mumps Rubella and Meningococcal ACWY.

Sick Certificate

Are you feeling ill and cannot get to work but also cannot get a doctor's
appointment? Pharmacists can issue certificates to the patient or carer for 1-2 days depending on the circumstances. Certificates can be given in-store or over the phone.

Diabetes Educator

Diabetes education offers care, education and support for those with diabetes as well as their families and carers. Our Credentialled Diabetes Educator has special interest in helping manage pre-diabetes, type 2 diabetes and type 1 diabetes including pumps.

We can offer

- Health coaching

- Blood glucose management

- Insulin administration advice and assistance including pumps

- Weight management

- Education and assistance to develop strong self management of diabetes techniques.

Plant Based Medications

Medicinal marijuana is a growing market and a number of patients are seeking information and products to help with the wide array of conditions that CBD (Cannabidiol) and THC (Tetrahydrocanninol) are used to treat. Conditions include chronic pain, multiple sclerosis, epilepsy, nausea and vomitting associated with chemotherapy and symptoms of certain neurological disorders.

We have provide plant based medicinal products for prescription holders, and can offer advice and support for anyone seeking more information on the topic.

Urinary Tract Infection

Pharmacists are now able to diagnose and treat simple urinary tract infections for females aged 18-64. If you are experiencing symptoms of a urinary tract infection book an appointment with our pharmacist to discuss treatment options.

Medication Packing

Medication packs can help anyone who needs to take any number of medicines regularly. Medications can get confusing and troublesome very easily. Our medication packing service gives anyone taking prescribed medications peace of mind that they are taking their medicines correctly. They come with in a sealed, tamper-proof blister pack separated by day and time.

Medications (tablets and capsules for example) are packed into blister packs clearly labelled per day and time, Sunday: Morning / Afternoon / Evening for example, depending on your requirements.

Blood Pressure Check

If you are not feeling well and can't get in to see your doctor, come down for a free check of blood pressure/ blood sugars to ensure basic levels are within normal levels and advice on where to go if they are not within normal parameters.

Home Medicine Review

Sometimes it is good just to stop and review all your medications and make sure everything still makes sense and is appropriate. With a referral from your GP, our Pharmacist can come to your house and spend some time reviewing all your medications and answer any questions you have.

Home medication reviews aim to improve your understanding of medications, reduce risk of medication errors and hospitalisation by ensuring patient doctor and pharmacist are all on the same page.

Instore Medicine Review

A free in-store medication check with our Pharmacist can help reduce any risk of potential medication errors and ensure you are taking your medicine/s as effectively as possible.

Inhaler Technique Check

Do you know it is estimated that nearly 90% of Australians are using the puffers incorrectly? Come in-store for a quick refresher to ensure you are getting the most out of your puffers.