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Light Up Your Life With Candles And Diffusers From Go Pharm Giftware

Whether you need a last-minute gift, something for Mum’s birthday, or you simply want to add some tranquillity to your home, we sell diffusers and candles online for your convenience, and yes, they’re fantastic for any occasion. How do we know? Well, because not only have they been tried and tested by our team, but we only stock premium products by trusted vendors. Those vendors include:

Five Tips For Getting The Most Out Of Your Candles And Diffusers

  • The First Burn. Make sure your candle burns properly by getting it sorted on its very first burn. The general rule of thumb is to burn the candle for an hour per inch of its diameter. So if your candle is two inches in diameter, burn it for two hours in order to reach its maximum lifespan.
  • Trim The Wick. You should trim the wick every time you want to burn a candle. You want to aim to keep your wick between ⅛ and ¼ of an inch long. Trimmed wicks offer a longer, brighter burn that looks cleaner to the eye.
  • Add Salt For A Slower Burn. If you want to encourage your candle to burn slower, sprinkle salt over it after the first burn. The next time you light it, the flame will make its way through the wax more slowly.
  • Use Fewer Sticks In Your Diffuser. Did you know you’ll get more use out of your diffuser by using fewer sticks? Many people get excited and place all the stick in the diffuser at once but really the scent in your diffuser will last longer if you only place a couple in the jar at a time.
  • Upcycle The Jars. What’s fantastic about the candles we sell is the jars can be upcycled and used for something new! For example, you might decide to use them as a planter or pen holder for your desk. They’re also great for holding makeup brushes or even smaller tealight candles. And if you’re unsure about what to do with any of that unmelted wax? Why not try scraping it out to use in a wax burner!