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Give Your Child Ultimate Sun Protection
With Children’s Hats From Go Pharm Giftware

If Australia is renowned for one thing, it’s for our harsh climate and extreme weather conditions. That’s why it’s important to stay prepared, making sure we keep our little ones protected from the Australian sun. At Go Pharm Giftware, we stock plenty of children’s hats perfect for any small child. Browse our selection below.

Five Ways To Get Your Child To Keep Their Hat On

As adults, we understand the significance of protecting our scalp from the sun, but for our little ones, wearing a hat can take some getting used to. Here are five tips to help encourage your child to keep their hat on:

  1. Start from a young age.
    You want to get your bub used to wearing a hat pretty early on. Doing so will make wearing a hat more simple in the future, meaning they will actually keep the bloody thing on! At Go Pharm Giftware, we stock various draw-string hats designed to keep the sun-protectors in place. Perfect for smaller children and toddlers, these hats are great for implementing sun safety early on.
  2. Make Them A Part Of The Purchase Process.
    No one likes to wear something they hate. Let your child choose their own hat to increase your chances of them actually using it. This will also help with the compromise. ‘You must wear a hat, but you get to choose which hat’.
  3. Measure, Measure, Measure.
    You know what it’s like to wear ill-fitting clothes. It’s not comfortable. All of our kid’s hats come with measurements to ensure our customers buy the right size hat for their children.
  4. Practise What You Preach.
    You are your child’s first role model; they’ll likely want to do everything you do. So wear a hat when you expect them to, and they’ll do it willingly and with ease.
  5. Use The Art Of Distraction.
    Put your child’s hat on while their attention is elsewhere. Maybe they’re indulging in their favourite snack, watching the birds or playing Duck, Duck, Goose. They’ll be too distracted to realise what’s going on, and that hat should stay firmly on their little noggin!