For Kids

For Kids

The Ideal Toys For Kids Of All Ages

Whether you’re trying to buy something nice for a niece or nephew or you’re having a last-minute hunt for kids toys in Goomalling for a birthday party, Go Pharm Giftware has a range of toys to suit children of all ages. We stock plenty of high-quality toys that any kid is sure to love, so why not browse the range online today? If you’re looking for the perfect gift for a particular age range, don’t stress. The Go Pharm Giftware team have you covered.

0-2 Years

Infants and toddlers need toys that help them feel safe, secure, and mentally stimulated, so if you’re looking for ideas, you’ve come to the right place.

  • Bashful bunny soother. This sweet, soft bunny soother is ideal for sleepy kids looking for something to cuddle.
  • Bashful Jellycat bunny. Jellycat is infamous for its cuddly, sweet little bunny toys. Every child should have a Jellycat bunny to cuddle in the first years of their life.
  • Mister Fly Koala Hooded Towel. Made with 100% soft cotton terry, this hooded towel is perfect for wrapping up bub after a bath or a swim and makes for the perfect gift.
  • Rainbow Roller Cruisin’ Kitty. This colourful beechwood toy gives babies and toddlers the chance to develop their fine motor and shape identification skills with easy-to-grip, push, and pull car.

3-5 Years

Whether you’re looking for something educational or cuddly, GoPharm Giftware has plenty of fun toys 3-5-year-olds will love.

  • Jellycat Tumblie Sheep Dog. Tumblie is ideal for kids with active imaginations who’ve been begging mum and dad for a pet. He’s cuddly, soft, and obeys all commands; he’s the perfect puppy!
  • Vehicles Tap Tap. Ideal for developing dexterity and fine motor skills, Vehicle Tap Tap gives kids the chance to build their own vehicles and tap them into place.
  • Under The Sea Puzzle. Puzzles are fantastic for helping kids develop their fine motor and problem-solving skills, and this lovely under the sea 32 piece puzzle will have the little ones occupied for a while.
  • Tribe of Dinosaurs. This set of six dinosaurs come in a matchbox-style box so the kids can pack them up and bring their dino friends with them wherever they go.

6-8 Years

This is one of the hardest age ranges to buy for; they’re too old for baby toys and not old enough for anything too complex! Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • David Walliams Awful Auntie’s Wonderfully Witty Word Games. David Walliams has been hailed this generation’s Roald Dahl, and his books have captivated children all over the world. Any kid just starting school will love this educational, fun present.
  • I Spy Eagle Eye Game. This fun I Spy game encourages visual discrimination, observation, and memorisation.
  • Easy To Do Cross Stitch. There’s nothing better than working hard at a craft and having something practical to use afterwards. This simple, fun craft kid teaches kids the art of cross stitch, and they get a small tote bag to keep forever.
  • Line ‘Em Up. It’s one of those games people of all ages can play; Line ‘Em Up will keep the kids busy trying to one-up one another for hours.

9-12 Years

During the final years of childhood, kids are looking for toys that don’t seem too much like toys. They want to feel challenged and grown-up, and at Go Pharm Giftware, we have the perfect toys.

  • aMaze Ball. This spherical puzzle is equal parts challenging and fun, and older kids will love trying to get the pall from the top of the puzzle to the bottom.
  • Marvellous Magic Tricks Kit. Everyone loves magic, and kids will love wowing their friends and family by letting their inner magician shine.
  • Green Science Flower Press. This flower press helps kids recycle fallen flowers and leaves to make trinket boxes, greeting cards, and bookmarks.
  • National Geographic DaVinci’s Inventions. This wooden construction project teaches you to build a working catapult, demonstrating the science and engineering behind every piece, making it a perfect gift for any budding scientist.

If You’re On The Hunt For Quality Kids Toys, Go Pharm Giftware Is Your One-Stop-Shop

Go Pharm Giftware is a family-owned and operated business located within the Goomalling Wheatbelt. Our resident pharmacist, Mark Ashton, purchased the business back in 2017, and we have watched it thrive ever since. Our giftware range is one for the ages and is maintained by Mark’s wife, Rachel. Rachel has a knack for making sure we have something for the whole family, stocking things like Natio skincare products, children’s toys and various homewares guaranteed to light up your home. So if you’re on the lookout for quality puzzles for kids and stunning homewares, look no further than Go Pharm Giftware, where our family has something for yours. Get in touch with us today!