Light & Glo Asana Trio Set

Light & Glo


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Asana Collection 

Inspired by the artistry and traditions of yoga, our Asana candles are hand crafted to provide serenity through the use of aromatherapy and the comforting crackle of woodwick, encased in a candle for a truly tranquil affair.

On the new release train, a beloved favourite is coming to you in the form of a travel tin gift pack! ✨

The ASANA collection is now available, including a travel tin of each scent including Energising, Relaxing and Meditation. This is the perfect gift for anybody that deserves a little extra love and care. ( Even if that’s you! ☺️ )

3 of our 115g travel candles. A curated selection of our Asana Range, hand poured with aromatherapy oils, these cute travel candles are made to help relax, revitalise and reenergize you throughout the day. The perfect size to pepper throughout the room!

115g | 25hr burn time per candle